King Barry has failed again

More pics here:


4 responses to “King Barry has failed again

  1. I’m impressed that you’re as misinformed? Or is it just that such information can momentarily be used to your advantage – whatever its origin or meaning?

      • Idk who we is in that statement. If you mean Egyptians… maybe. If you mean the US. You probably bought into Limbaugh’s War on Christians meme when President Obama dispatched observers to Uganda.

        Would you support military intervention to remove President Obama because (I assume) you disagree with him? If so, you share a lot in come with the people standing up.

        I just hope when the blood rushes to their heads from that ascent, they have some good ideas. Have yet to see evidence of that.

      • I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh… Sorry to disappoint. 😉

        I do not support over throwing Obama with military power, but I would support at least an impeachment, based on the deaths of our folks in Benghazi alone. They tried way to hard to cover up that whole situation. 😦

        Oh, and “we” as in the USA are giving weapons to the Syrian so called “rebels”, and they are beheading Christians. Isn’t that nice?

        I’m not sure what will happen with this whole thing in Egypt, but it can’t be worse than Obama’s guy.

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