A few of my favorite desktop wallpapers



Nerd project alert : Small form factor Dell Optiplex 780 running full sized gaming video card (Very bored tonight)


This Picture shows the 300W external power supply pulled from an old emachine PC, and the old PCI/e ATI 4800 series gaming card squeezed in. (I had to break part of the fan tabs off to get the card to fit)


This is just a shot showing that we have video.


I had to use the paperclip trick (see last post for a howto on this)  to get this power supply to turn on independently. The bad thing about it is that it doesn’t have a power switch, so when you plug it in it powers right up. 🙂

Basic PC Troubleshooting: Test A Power Supply with a Paperclip

Jayster – Runnin’ through castles

This song makes me happy! 🙂

Something to laugh at!

Awesome prank call! LOL

Nintendo Announces A Link to the Past 2 for 3DS

This is some good news for once! 🙂

Best Super Mario Bros. 2 Remix EVER!

Here’s my nerd post for the day! LOL