Some of my favorite TF2 wallpapers

tf2_pyro_garry__s_mod_wallpaper_by_tx_slade_xt-d5c2g3f  tf2_desktop_wallpaper_by_danny1364-d31jm4n tf2___red_pyro___wallpaper_by_nowego-d4waqqa Team_Fortress_2_Wallpaper_by_SpazChicken team_fortress_2_wallpaper__blu__by_megaman196-d5d32t7 TF2_MORE_GUNS_Wallpaper_by_d1sasterpieceengineer-tf2_00246784


I decided to put the “How to get Earbuds in Team Fortress 2” to the test

Here’s the “fake” instructions:

“1. Start by turning off your antivirus or other programs that might interfere with game cheats. Basically, any program
out there that interferes with your data is detected as an unwanted application by the antivirus software.

2. Make sure you have Steam installed on your computer. You DON’T have to be logged in or start Steam, hence,
there is NO WAY of you being detected or banned or anything like that.

3. Start Budspawner Tools v2.1.4, wait for it to load up and wait for it to finnish.

4. Done! Check your inventory and be amazed.

5. Don’t be fucking GREEDY !! Let others enjoy this too, while it lasts.”

I decided to run this on an old machine that I don’t use any longer. Here are the results:


From the looks of it, it’s trying to grab your saved Mozilla Firefox passwords.


There is no “easy” way to get ear buds in TF2. 🙂

Nerd project (Update) : Small form factor Dell Optiplex 780 running full sized PCI/e video card

I went ahead a threw a video together for those who might be interested. Enjoy!