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Obama & The Ukraine Debacle (In Pictures)




Trey Gowdy’s EPIC Floor Speech Sends Shockwaves Through Nation

This dude is my hero!!

Abortions Outnumber Live Births for Blacks in NYC (31,328 abortions vs. 24,758 live births)

This story makes me so sad, but I need to post it because you will never see it in the mainstream media.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released a report showing that, among blacks, abortions are outnumbering live births. 

The report labels abortions as “Induced Terminations” and shows that in 2012 there were 31,328 abortions among the “non-Hispanic black” ethnicity group. For that same group, live births totaled 24,758. 

The second highest number of abortions were for Hispanic at 22,917. Hispanic live births reached 36,642.

Both groups far outnumbered abortions for whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders who aborted 9,704 and 4,493 children respectively.

Most abortions occurred in the 20-29 age bracket for all ethnicities. The city of Brooklyn is ranked at the top for most abortions, 21,686, followed by the Bronx at 17,468.


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to “Lie”

All Americans should be outraged! Please spread the word.

Land of the Free? I think not.

Obama administration collecting phone records of millions daily...
Secret court order requires VERIZON to hand over ALL CALL DATA...
WH defends: Critical tool against 'terrorist threats'...
Specifically targeted Americans, not foreigners...
'Homeland Security': Laptops, phones can be searched based on hunches...
NSA downloading 1.7 billion bits of info from internet every day...
'1984' Published 64 Years Ago Today...

This must stop NOW!